About Us

My name is Ian and i'm a graphic designer, printer, animator, photographer, cameraman, chief cook and bottle washer.
I do all of the work here at Black Street Studios.co.uk, which means you get your very own graphic designer on a one to one basis.

BlackStreetStudios.co.uk was started in 2009.
The idea came about because I wanted to have a site to sell my canvas art and large art prints.
After selling some of my own landscape photography art, I decided it was maybe a better idea to provide that service to others as well.
So, the site was born.

Being fed up with the low quality of a great deal of online photo printers and especially their cheaply made canvasses.
I thought people must want better quality than this. The photo prints had bad colour correction and the canvasses cracked around the corners and had no UV varnish to protect from the sun.

I started by selling canvasses and large prints, but was soon offering more design services like photo restoration, retouching etc.
So, I finally put it all in one place, where you can easily find, fine art prints, canvasses or you can simply use my skills.

Our motto is.....

You think it. We print it.